Beşiktaş are top of the Turkish league, two points clear of Fenerbahçe and five points clear of Galatasaray, thanks to a late 1-0 win over the weekend.

Beşiktaş beat Bursaspor by a single goal last night, and the winner was a brilliant team from the visitors.

Oğuzhan Özyakup finished a wonderful 89th minute goal.

Following a thrown-in, the Beşiktaş players knocked the ball around like ice hockey players shifting the puck on ice, and they quickly carve a gaping hole in the home defence.

A series of one-touch passes was eventually finished by Oğuzhan Özyakup’s low shot from outside the box.

Beşiktaş are currently first in the league two points clear of second placed Fenerbahçe and five ahead of reigning champions Galatasaray.