Beşiktaş played 11 match in 33 days and players were tired before Adana Demirspor match.

In their last four match, Beşiktaş players were looking very tired even they won in Turkish Super League matches.

Beşiktaş had started Turkish Cup with an away win in front of Sarıyerspor in Turkish Cup with 4 goals.

Then, they lost to Rizespor with an unfair penalty decision by referee. Again in this match, the same referee didn't show the penalty by burning decision for Beşiktaş before stoppage times were begun.

Gökhan Töre has scored a classy goal to Adana Demirspor which was the only goal of the match for Beşiktaş side.

Evetually Beşiktaş lost Turkish Cup match, 2-1.