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9 Men Beşiktaş beat Başakşehirspor

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    9 Men Beşiktaş beat Başakşehirspor

    Beşiktaş was tired due to Euro Cup match against Partizan on thursday. On the other hand, some of the important first team players were injured and some of them were fined.

    Even all of these mischances, Beşiktaş started match balance with Başakşehir. On the first half, Beşiktaş didn't attack so much.

    Epureanu scored the opener for the home side at 42nd minute. Manager Slaven Bilic’s team-talk clearly made a difference as the Black Eagles looked like a different side in the second half.

    Demba Ba scored the equaliser with a powerful shot in the 63rd minute while Frei capped off a good move to score the winner at 75th minute.

    However, Beşiktaş made things hard for themselves a minute later with Pedro Franco seeing red for a second bookable offence.

    Till the end of the match Beşiktaş followed a defensive approach. Before the match was finished, İsmail Köybaşı was fined during stoppage time at 93rd minute.