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Beşiktaş get 3 points by 3 goals from Sivasspor

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    Beşiktaş get 3 points by 3 goals from Sivasspor

    Beşiktaş maintain unbeaten record in Turkish Super League matches for 16 matches.

    Beşiktaş started to the match without their important players such as Oğuzhan and Sosa who were injured players. Even though, they started effectively and played an attacking football.

    At 8th minute, Serdar cross the ball into Sivasspor penalty area but the ball blocked by Ümit Kurt's hands. Although the referee didn't give a certain penalty.

    Da Costa scored first goal of the match for Sivasspor from the corner taken by Cicinho at 39th minute.

    In the second half, Beşiktaş again started effectively like first half. Kerim Frei replaced by Oğuzhan at 56th minute.

    After 2 minutes, Ba scored the goal assited by Gökhan Töre at 58th minute.

    Demba Ba scored his second classy goal at 65th minute.

    Sivasspor gave the reply at 74th minute by Hakan. The goal came from the corner again which is taken by Cicinho again.

    Olcay Şahan put the final mark with Ba's first class pass at 79th minute.

    By this Beşiktaş remains in the top of Super League as a leader.