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Honors even at the Olimpiyat stadium

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    Honors even at the Olimpiyat stadium

    Bilic continues Beşiktaş's tradition as not to win steadily.

    During recent years, Beşiktaş can not win their matches in a row and display up-and-down performances.

    Unfortunately, even so many managers, players and presidents change but Beşiktaş's fate doesn't change.

    On the other hand, Bilic's obstinance about formation and pereferences for certain players causes point loss.

    Young and talented player, Kerim Frei, can't find chance to play. Additionally, Bilic prefers to make them play at different positions like Necip or İsmail.

    Necip is a defensive midfielder or midfielder, İsmail is a left defender. From the beginning of the season and during practice matches he generally perefers either Necip or İsmail as a right back, although there is a player for that position who is Serdar.

    Beşiktaş's goal is scored by Olcay Şahan at 21st minute. After that goal, as traditionally Beşiktaş approached a defensive playing and as a result, like happened in Asteras Tripolis UEFA Match, Beşiktaş conceded by an away goal which is scored by Dabanlı at 71st minute for Eskişehirspor.

    At 86th minute, Eskişehirspor player Mori was diciplined by a red card. During the remaining times, there were no goals left.

    Beşiktaş's starting eleven was:

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