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Bilic's mistakes hold Beşiktaş to draw

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    Bilic's mistakes hold Beşiktaş to draw

    Beşiktaş missed several chances at scoring against Greek team Asteras Tripolis in the first matchday of UEFA Europa League Group C game which ended in a 1-1 draw at Atatürk Olympic Stadium, Istanbul on Thursday night.

    In the eighth minute, Beşiktaş's Turkish midfielder Oğuzhan Ozyakup's freekick rattled the bottom of the post and hit the ground. Beşiktaş was very close to scoring the leading goal. A minute later, Turkish team's winger Gökhan Töre's shot shaved the woodwork. In the 17th minute the "Black Eagles" Turkish midfielder Olcay Şahan's shot inside the area went over the bar.

    In the 26th minute, Asteras Tripolis' Greek midfielder Giorgos Zisopoulos skipped past two Beşiktaş defenders just outside the box and closely missed the target. It was a good chance for the Greek side, but he failed to score.

    Beşiktaş's Gökhan Töre scored the leading goal in the 33rd minute. Turkish winger firstly trapped the ball nicely and fired outside the area, the ball clipped the post and went in, 1-0.

    In the 37th minute, Oğuzhan hit a vicious strike but missed the target. Beşiktaş increased the pressure, and two minutes later, Asteras' Argentine forward Jeronimo Barrales' header went out.

    Through the end of the first half, Tore from Beşiktaş's close range missile' shot went over the crossbar.

    In the 66th minute of the game, Olcay Şahan fired a volley without trapping the ball from the corner kick but the ball went wide.

    Asteras Tripolis scored a shocking late equaliser. Greek club's Argentine forward Facundo Parra - assisted by Martin Rolle - hit a volley in the box and found the net in the 88th minute.

    In the remaining time, none of the sides managed to make an impact on changing the score and the match ended as a 1-1 draw in Istanbul.

    In another match of the group, Serbian side Partizan drew against England's Tottenham Hotspur 0-0 in Belgrade.