Konu: Beşiktaş Rescue 1 Point With a Late Goal

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    Beşiktaş Rescue 1 Point With a Late Goal

    Beşiktaş missed the opportunity for moving first place as a leader. During the week that Beşiktaş rivals' were drawn, they could move up to first place.

    The first goal of the match was scored by Ümit Korkmaz from Ç. Rizespor at 48th minute. After goal, Rizespor show defensive approach as expected.

    Beşiktaş took the risks and they have shown more attacking options. Beşiktaş hit the target and scored the goal at 81st minute by Olcay Şahan. The assist came from Gökhan Töre from the corner.

    There were no goals left of the match and final score was 1-1.
    Konu Volkan Kırmızı tarafından (18 Eylül 2014 Saat 11:32 ) değiştirilmiştir.