Konu: UEFA Brugge - Beikta

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    UEFA Brugge - Beikta

    We ll beat in there and here.

    First match: 1-2
    Second match: 2-0

    Note it!

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    Firstly, I want to say my sadness about the man who goes to Brugge Stadium for the last day before his dead. I am very upset about his (child) daughter, too. God bless her.
    I wish It would be a good match and Beikta WIN!

    Also, I want to say "Shame on you" to your stadium or ticket managers. They signed an unprecedented application in Europe

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    yelik tarihi
    Ekim 2014
    "Beni unutmasnlar, onlar ok seviyorum."
    Don't worry, you eliminated a great team.

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    70,000 black eagles are waiting for you


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    Come hele Brugge Come.

    Besiktas is your father

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    Who in the hell is Brgge

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    Lan Brugge !! Come hele Come Come !!!

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    Konu yabanclar iin, ierde herkes Trk

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    We'll be wating for you with 75.000 Besiktas fans in stanbul Olimpiyat Stadium on Thursday Night..You'll see hell here..
    I think ; You can't fill place where We seperate you in stadium..
    Do you remember last thursday night ?
    That day your couch said that; Besiktas fans had small hell lived us..We'll have major hell in stanbul..
    You have to afraid of us..
    Tremble and Afraid of us..
    Before Besiktas .. Only Besiktas...

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    And here comes the end of a European journey for Brugge. Nice run though.

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    Population up your tickets have been sold. Think you now

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    Welcome to hell reaper's going to be your club brugge Olympics

    Loneliness life indefinitely without you ever even get finished BlackEagle

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